30 July, 2009

A poem of a name

On that day,
Sun shining in my eyes,
My heart beating and hands shaking,
For it was only a name

I looked up and saw a figure,
My eyes couldn't believe the sight,
Of something brighter than the sun,
It wasn't just a name

Tell me how would I ever know,
If I could never show,
To the one that holds,
My heart that's finally unfold

I close my eyes,
Flashes of her run through me,
I could never explain,
The warmth I felt inside without pain

To the deepest darkest places I looked,
How I could never find the light,
Of that who possess,
That one in a million name

As I open these wet eyes,
I wish I hadn't,
For the thought of reality,
Could end this already weak heart

I'd rather close these eyes,
Knowing memories of her will be there,
For if I had one wish,
I would rather be,
Hurt with her,
Than hurt without

For she wasn't just a name,
The imperfections of her perfected her,
Though fishes in the sea are many,
These hands would only hold the name,
And the name is Shelly