29 December, 2009

James Owen Sullivan a.k.a The Rev

To all Avenged Sevenfold fans out there, this is truly a tragic moment as the bands key person, James Owen Sullivan or better known as The Rev(The Reverend Tholomew Plague) who is a drummer, songwriter as well as the backup vocals was found dead yesterday (28th December 2009) in his home in Huntington Beach, California leaving behind his wife Leanna MacFadden.
His death is said to be of natural causes.

The Reverend Tholomew Plague

Born on February 10th 1981, he was only 28 years old. Not only has he left behind his wife, Leanna MacFadden but his band members of Avenged Sevenfold which include :

Lead Singer - Matt Shadows

Lead Guitarist - Synyster Gates

Rhythm Guitarist - Zacky Vengeance

Bassist - Johnny Christ

Trust me, they are very nice people and they are not like what they look like. The Rev was one of the greatest drummers I have ever seen and heard. I wish, really wish that I could have at least seen him and the band in action live at least once in my lifetime but now there is no chance. He is also an amazing songwriter. He wrote "A Little Piece of Heaven" mostly by himself with a little help from his band mates. He also played the piano for that song and while playing drums, sang backup vocals for it. Songs played by Avenged Sevenfold are more than just hard rock music, it is the lyrics, the message within the message. It's goes deeper than just what you see. The composition of songs. The arrangement of songs. Listen closely to the instruments being played. It's the technicality that makes them special. Especially with The Rev there, songs like "Afterlife", "Beast and The Harlot", "Bat Country", "A Little Piece of Heaven", "Dear God", "M.I.A", "Seize The Day", "Scream", were all made possible because of him and his lyrics, backup vocals and drums.

He was the God of drummers.

Indeed, the music world and Avenged Sevenfold has lost one of its most talented and greatest drummer of this time.

James Owen Sullivan a.k.a The Rev

May you rest in peace.

You're an inspiration to all musicians

26 December, 2009

Dad's surprise

My dad bought me a Christmas/Birthday present today.

It's a book.

Not just your ordinary book.

A book on bass guitar lessons.

Almost everything I need is in it.

Fingerstyle bass, Slap and pull, Major scales, Minor scales, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Funk


There is a Video CD as well.

Which makes it easier for me cuz I can't fucking read taugeh.

Looks like I'll be staying home more often


25 December, 2009

By Andrew McMahon for you

I can't imagine all the people that you know
And the places that you go
When the lights are turned down low
And I don't understand all the things you've seen
But I'm slipping in between
You and your big dreams
It's alwayS you
In my big dreams
And you tell me that its over
Wake up lying in a patch of four leaf clovers
And your restless
And I'm naked
You gotta get out
You cant stand to see me shaking
Could u let me go?
I didn't think so
And you don't wanna be here in the future
So you say the presents just a pleasant interruption to the past
And you don't wanna look much closer
Cause you're afraid to find out all this hope
You had sent into the sky by now had
And it did
Because of me

And then you bring me home
Afraid to find out that your alone oh
And I'm sleeping in your living room
But we don't have mucH room to live

And i had these dreams in them i learned to play guitar
Maybe cross the country
Become a rock star
And there was hope in me that I could take you there
But damn it you're so young
Well I don't think i care
And if i hurt you
Then I'm sorry
Please don't think that this was easy

And then you bring me home
Cause we both know what its like to be alone oh
And I'm dreaming in your living room
But we don't have much room to live

And KonstantinE is walking down the stairs
Doesn't she look good
Standing in her underwear
And I was thinking
What I was thinking
We've been drinking and it doesn't get me anywhere
My Konstantine came walking down the stairs
And all that i could do was touch her long blond hair
And I've been thinking
But it hurts me thinking
That these nights when we were drinking
No they never got us anywhere

This is because i can spell confusion with a 'K'
And i can like it
Its to dying in anothers arms
And why i had to try it
Its to jimmy eat world
And those nights in my car
When the first star you see
May not be a star
I'm not your star
Isn't that what you said
What you thought this song meant

And if this is what it takes
Just to Laugh at my mistakes
And live with what i did to you
All the hell i put you through
I always catch the clock
Its 11:11
Now you wanna talk
Its not hard to dream
You'll always be my Konstantine
My Konstantine
They'll never hurt you like i do
No they'll never hurt you like i do
No,no,no, no, no, no, no, no

This is to a girl
Who got into my head
With all the pretty things she did
You know
You keep me up in bed
This is to a girl
Who got into my head
With all these fucked up things i did
Baby you could keep me up in bed
My Konstantine

You spin around me Like a dream
We played out on this movie screen
And i said
Did u know i miss you?
I miss you

And then you bring me home
And we go to sleep
But this time not alone
And i know
And you'll kiss me in your living room
I know
I know you miss me in your living room
Cuz these nights i think
Maybe that i miss you in my living room
But we don't have much room
I said does anybody need that room
Because we all need a little more room
To live

MY Konstantine...

24 December, 2009

Volo vos scio ut is eram verus

If I,
Am not the choice of your heart,
Maybe it's fate, destiny,
That you and I,
May never be as one.

You have to always know,
That I love you for all of my time,
You have to always believe,
That this is immortal forever,

Because I believe,
That this love in me,
Is yours and yours only,
May it be until the last of my days.

Because I believe,
That for every breath I take,
It is only you,
That I long for.

So if I,
Am not the choice of your heart,
It matters not,
Because this heart,
Chose you amongst millions others.

Though many say,
Love differs with every person,
But I'm sure,
With all of my heart,
That this one was pure.

Though many say,
It may be just words,
Another will come,
A better one.

Better depends on me,
And I believe,
You were the best I never had.

For that reason,
I'll never forget you.

I'll keep you and this feeling,
In a special place,
In my heart,
Till death takes its toll.

Choose to believe or not,
These words,
It matters not,
For only I know,
That I speak it with altruism.

And though only words,
Believe me when I say,
I am truly sorry.

For all my wrongs,
For all my doings,
For all the heartache I caused,
For everything.

I'm sorry.

I love you.

15 December, 2009



Cripple me,
Disable me,
Conjured amongst the titans of titans,

The suns beams filled with lies
The darkness of light blinding senses
Nothing is true
Nothing is more

A glance,
A look,
It's everywhere

My shadows leave,
My soul lost,

There are two,
Two of one.


Completeness of none,


Happens for no reason,
Happens for a reason.

Leave me,
Leave me defenseless.

Unable to fight back,
Fight you.


13 December, 2009


Day burns down to night;

Burns the edges of my soul.

In the night I break into sparks of suns,

And become the fires end.

The dust of bones.

Night knifes my breath,

Swallows whole my tongue.

Turn back, reverse, return.

In the night I see

The real concealed,

In the days bright lies.

Eyes stitched shut;

White teeth smile.

Sleep walks,

And talks,

And feet.

Mark time,

To the drumless beat.

09 December, 2009

A must read

Okay guys. One of my best friend has been writing a story and trust me, it is worth reading. The plot and twist of the story is really really good.


Please do read from episode 1 if not you'll never understand the story.

It's up to episode 6 now by the way.

Trust me.

If it was a book, I would buy it.


Imran who never reads would buy it.

So read it.

This is the website - The Berrie's Dillemma by Amirul

02 December, 2009


The few things that I really want:

1. New jeans

2. New shirts

3. 2 New tattoos (One to touch up and add a snake wrapping my first tattoo and another tattoo of one side of an angel wing that has been ripped apart which symbolizes a fallen angel and Zac will get it on the other side)

4. New necklace

Hopefully Christmas + Birthday + Job + Chinese New Year = $$$$$$$

Then I can buy my jeans, necklace and shirts then get my tattoo done.

Not much to ask for right?