28 January, 2010

Top 3 bass players on my list

Not being able to sleep nowadays have made me watch a lot of videos of bassists.

I wanna play like John "Thunderfingers" Entwistle, Victor Wooten and especially Pino Palladino. If you guys don't know who they are well, I'll give you some info on who they are.

John Entwistle is known as "Thunderfingers" by his band mates because of how fast he can play. He is also known as one of the best bassist in the world. But I like him cuz of how fast his fingers go when he plays the bass. Crazy sounds. Here is a picture of him.

Here is John Entwistle with his amazing collection of bass guitars. Also if you didn't know, he plays for the band "The Who". Heard of it?

But sadly, he died in the year of 2002 because of drugs. He took cocaine in a little amount which caused a heart attack. Sad, really.

But anyway. Next up is Victor Wooten. Now this guy is really good with his slap and pulls as well as his tapping. That is why I really look up to him cuz I've been trying to slap and pull but I can't get the technique right. This is how he looks like.

This is Victor Wooten and as you can see he is applying the tapping technique he does so well in the picture. Now, I'm guessing not many people in Malaysia know the band "Dave Matthews Band" he plays in. But listen to "Satellite". It's an awesome song. Here's a picture of the band.

This is Dave Matthews Band. I've known about them since I was in early highschool but I never knew even when I started playing bass that Victor Wooten played for them. Really amazing guy.

Next up is someone who I really really look up to. He is an all rounded person that plays Jazz, Soul, R&B, Rock, Pop, Samba, Neo-Soul, you name it, he plays it. The thing I love about him is his basslines. They are amazing. The kind of sounds he and his guitar produces are out of this world. And I just found out about him about 6 hours ago. His name in Pino Palladino. He is someone I look up to the most among the 3. Here's a picture of him.

Look familiar? Maybe. He is actually a sessionist. A sessionist is someone that is a freelancer. Someone who is not tied down to only one band. He's been in so many bands over the years. He has played with Simon & Garfunkel, Sir Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Sir Elton John, The Law, Paul Young and The Verve. He was also the first choice of bassist that "The Who" chose after John Entwistle passed away in 2002. He now plays for them. But as amazing as he may sound, he also plays for...

The John Mayer Trio. Maybe you've heard of them maybe you haven't but I'm pretty sure you have. But if you have not, please go listen to their music on youtube. They are amazing. John Mayer plays the guitar and does the vocals whereas on drums, the great Steve Jordan is on the set while doing some back-up vocals and of course my favourite bassist, Pino Palladino.

If I could be just almost as good as them. I would be somewhere. My band would.

12 January, 2010

A love story part 4

And as their feet touched the surface of the beach, it was warm. But as soon as their feet dived deeper into the sand, it was cold. With the eye of heaven blazing onto their skin, they looked at it with satisfaction and happiness. They knew they were here. This is the island. They didn't care that the sun scorched their bodies everytime that they're in the open. All they cared about was the relaxation awaiting them and the company they had with them. A holiday is nothing without the right company.

Adrienne planned a surprise for Johnny on the 28th, just a few days into the trip. Though their anniversary was a month ago, she didn't care, it was her surprise for him to show him how much he meant to her.

"Autograph please!", a random stranger approached Matt. Maybe they recognized him from the band as he was the face of the band.

"We're going to check in first dude. Take your time with the fans", shouted Rev to Matt.

Johnny and Adrienne locked hands and walked down to their suite together with their suitcases filled with clothes enough for a week. There were no words that could explain the happiness they felt. If only explaining the contents of ones heart was as easy as pie. If only happiness could be shown more than an expression of a face. But it didn't matter. It was finally quality time for the both of them to spend. Away from the press, away from the fans, away from band life, away from the real world.

As their key unlocked the door to their suite, Adrienne ran straight for the bed and jumped on it. "Finally", she said. He knew what she meant. It was not that they were finally alone in the room together, it was that they were finally on their long awaited holiday that they both deserved. Their own world. Johnny put down their suitcases right next to the cupboard and he surprised Adrienne by jumping on the bed as well. Pure bliss.

As everyone and their partners each cuddled each other in their comfort of their own suites, time slowed down for that moment. Time gave way to their happiness to last a little more longer than usual. Time forgave. It wasn't easy to find a weeks off work. It wasn't easy to find love like this. This holiday, it was theirs.

Out of exhaustion, they fell asleep in each others arms. Letting the sandman do its business on their tired souls. It didn't matter. They had a weeks together.

Piercing their shut eyes was the sun, morning had come and night had fallen. "Dear, it's morning! Let's go grab some breakfast. Don't tell me you're not having any appetite for it. It's our holiday! It's time to eat!", Johnny said while shaking her awake. As her eyes slowly opened, "She's beautiful" he thought in his mind. There was nothing better than to wake up with her in his arms. There was nothing better than to see her in her ugliest moment. Hair a mess, breath stinking, it didn't matter cuz it was her. Nothing beats falling asleep with your loved one and waking up seeing them right next to you sound asleep. Half awake, she said, "But dear, I'm not...", he interrupted her with a kiss on her lips. "No buts. Let's go get ready", he said smiling.

With their tummy's filled, they took a stroll on the beach, all six of them. Each holding onto their partners in crime. Crime of loving one another. Sun blazing, warm sand, cold breeze. There was nothing better. Johnny, at the back of the group looked over his right shoulder and saw his angel kicking sand on her feet like a little kid. He giggled. "What you laughing at?", she said with an angry face. "You. Why you kicking sand? Never see before?", he replied while laughing and running away. He knew she was going to hit him and hit him hard she did. *smack* right on the back she gave him. It was as if pain became numb because of the laughter. With more laughter came more smacking. And so it did.

A blanket suddenly covered the light. It was already dark. How time flew pass and all they did was walk around the beach and make sand castles. It was dinner time. "Guys let's go eat. Hurry up before the food is all gone man!", said James excitedly. He was always the one thinking about food all the time. All of them knew he was going to say it sooner or later and all they did was shake their heads.

With the cool nights breeze whistling through their body, they filled their hunger with one of the most simplest but delicious meals ever. Everything good became better. It was because of the company they had. Endless laughter and noise circled their table even as their mouths were filled to the brink. Happy they were and so was their belly.

*click* In the room Johnny and Adrienne were. Looking into each others eyes like new found lovers looking at each other for the first time. A kiss was exchanged between them and it was all that was needed for them to tell each other that they loved each other. More than words it was. He carried her into the shower and turned the shower on. As they both helped each other take off their sweaty clothes, slowly. It was more than a physical attraction. The love they shared for each other had no shape or size. It had no requirements but to love each other with all their hearts.

*Water simmers down*

They both jumped on to their beds at the same time with their shower robes on. Kisses and cuddles were exchanged on that bed. Foreplay was happening on that island and without doubt, in every other room at that time. But that was all it was. Foreplay. He understood his boundaries and respected her. They knew there where this relationship was going so there was no harm in waiting. They both understood this and respected that.

"Dear? I have a surprise for you", she said whispering into his ear. With her warm breath blowing through his ear, it gave him a tingling sensation.

"What is it dear? Where is it?", he asked her as he got out of bed looking for the surprise, naked. He then jumped back to bed and tickled her to tell him what it was.

"I'm the surprise", she said. He was shocked. Eyes wide opened. She kissed him gently on the lips. It was understood what was going to happen. But he slowly pushed her away for a moment and looked in her eyes and said "I love you" and as she replied "I love you too", a mutual understanding was salvaged from all the hormones rushing to their brains. It was as if he asked her, "Are you sure about this?" and she saying "I'm sure".

They continued kissing and satisfying each other with foreplay.

She then jumped on top of him whilst kissing him. She then whispered in his ear, "I'm yours and your mine forever from now on"

08 January, 2010

A love story part 3

*Clapping and shouting* Wishes of congratulations could be heard from all around the room. A year it has been since that day at the ice skating rink. Johnny's brothers and close friends were there with him and Adrienne congratulating them on their first year anniversary. Though it wasn't a shock to them that the couple lasted this long but it was all in tune for the occasion. Matt, Johnny's brother came over to him and said, "Dude, you hit the jackpot this time. She is an amazing girl. The kind you always wanted. Someone who could hang with us and our girls". All Johnny could do was smile. There was no real answer to how happy he was with her. There were no words to express his love for her. Her imperfections made her perfect. Perfect for him.

One year of getting to know her seemed like a lifetime. A year filled with happiness just passed by like a runaway train never coming back. They knew everything about each other. She even respected the fact that he smoked, drank alcohol and had tattoos all over. But she saw what was inside of him. What lies beneath all the alcohol, nicotine and body art. She saw him. That was the kind of person he was looking for all these years. Someone who respected him and his ways and understood him and loved him for everything he is as well as for everything that he isn't.

Suddenly, a scream broke out of the noise of chattering. "WOOOOWWWW!!!". It was Syn, Johnny's lead guitarist of his band called InkCorporated that shouted at the sight of a cockroach running up his feet. Everyone laughed at him hysterically. While they were busy laughing, Johnny grabbed the hand of his beloved and pulled her to the balcony. He kissed her on the lips. Not too much and not too little pressure, just nice. She knew something was up. "We're going on a trip", stated Johnny. Shocked and surprised, Adrienne looked at him and said, "Who? Us?". Hugging her even closer, he then replied, "All of us and that includes you. We're going on our first trip together and it's on an island!". She always wanted to go to an island. They could lie down on the sand and watch the bright night sky filled with nothing but stars and their lights shining down on them. She couldn't believe it. "But my parents and my work...", before she could finish her sentence, he interrupted her, "It's all taken care of. I called your parents and manager a week ago. They gave us the green light". Stunned and in disbelief, she planted a kiss on his lips and said "I love you".

Johnny's friends had their face planted onto the glass window trying to catch a glimpse of what was happening. They were all nosy people but before they knew it, their girlfriends were pulling their ears and telling them to leave the couple to their business. Sad.

"Guys, remember we have band practice tomorrow night at 7pm to 9pm for our first debut at the MTV World Stage next month. Afiq's band, Stonebay will be there at the event as well", said Matt, the lead singer of the band. The band had already been doing quite well with their single "Now I'm here" in Malaysia but it was time to hit a bigger market, international. It was their dream to play in a band and make it worldwide, all six of them. Johnny played the bass while his best friend, James was on drums. Mel played rhythm and shredding his solos on his guitar every live performance was Syn. Matt, Johnny's brother by six years captivated everyone with his voice but they couldn't have done it and made it this far without Rev, their songwriter and band manager.

A month later

MTV World Stage passed with the band signing a five year contract with a big record company that was willing to pay them millions. Indeed, it was a dream come true for them. With that crossed out on their calendar, it was the time that they've all been waiting for. Their holiday trip to an island. What could beat that? Sun, sand and sea with amazing people and for Johnny, it was sort of a getaway from the hectic lifestyle and busy schedule. Where they were going, it was only going to be Johnny and Adrienne. Nothing else.

As they embarked on their voyage to the island, Matt came up to Johnny and said that he had something he wanted to tell him. It was probably one of their plans to sabotage someones underwear when the others were asleep. In the midst of the two brothers and their diabolical plan, Bridgette went up to Adrienne and gave her a nudge on the shoulder. "What you looking at?", asked Bridgette curiously. "Nothing, just stoning and thinking of how happy and grateful I am with Johnny. Through all the ups and downs we have had over the past year, it was all worth it", Adrienne said while smiling". Bridgette wasn't convinced that that was all she had on her mind, she asked again, "Are you sure that's all? It looks like you have something going on in your head". Adrienne looked at her and laughed. Bridgette was right, she did have something else on her mind. "I actually have a surprise planned out for him. I didn't get to do one at the party the other day so I decided to do it at the island!", said Adrienne with excitement. Bridgette was anxious and curious to know what the surprise was so she asked her, "What is it? Tell me! You have got to tell me!". Adrienne laughed at Bridgette's reaction so hard she almost fell down. Adrienne knew she had to tell her about it. If she didn't, she'll never hear the end of it. "Follow me", Adrienne said. They went to a corner where no one else could hear them and Adrienne whispered softly to Bridgette, "Well, my plan is..."

06 January, 2010

A love story part 2

And as he stood there, eyes as sharp as a knife staring at that heaven sent person that came waltzing by in front of his eyes, he couldn't help but feel chocked and unable to breathe. It was her presence, the kind of presence where even in a crowded room filled with different types of people, she would stand out, she would shine.

"Her name's Adrienne", said Bridgette, James' girl. Adrienne, the name was like an icing to an already beautiful cake. It was a name that not many possessed in these parts of the world. "What a pretty name. Is she taken?", Johnny said without a moments pause. "Nope! Want me to introduce her to you?", answered Bridgette excitedly. Johnny turned to Bridgette and his best friend, giving the widest and cheekiest smile to them. They knew what his answer was just by looking at him. Obviously, who wouldn't turn down a chance to get to know a person that possesses a smile that could turn heads, a smile that could light up a dark room, a smile so rare.
Johnny always believed that chance should always be taken in the search of love.

After one month

"Another day. Another day of love", said Johnny. Waking up now seemed to be a joy to him. He wakes up with a smile carved onto his face everyday ever since he got to know Adrienne, whom he now calls his angel. Everything good feels even better now that she has appeared in his life. He knew he made the right choice in getting to know her that particular sunny afternoon at the canteen. It was a choice he would never regret as it was all worth it. Life now seemed to be worth it and life seemed to be colourful all of the sudden. He was lucky. Indeed, very lucky. For she not only holds a smile so beautiful but she also possesses a personality so unique that he has never known before. She was his lover. She was his best friend. Not many people find that kind of love in someone. Not many people are so lucky.

*Sound of a piano starts playing* It was his phone. He smiled and knew exactly who it was. No one else would message him at that time of the day except her, Adrienne. The message read, "Dear you awake yet?".

It was undeniable that they were in love. Yes they were. Truly, madly, deeply in love. Today was exactly a month from when he first laid eyes on her. A memorable day indeed.

They met up a couple of hours later at a shopping mall nearby. Though it seems like they have each been in that shopping mall countless times but with together, each step they take was like another new adventure for them. For the first time ever since they met, they were going ice skating together. It all seemed to be a normal day with a different approach to their day out but it wasn't just that, Johnny had something else planned.

And as they skated around the rink for almost an hour, he brought her to the middle of the rink and he looked into her eyes with seriousness. He held both of her hands firmly and she asked him "Dear, what's wrong? Did something happen?". He could only agree to her question and smile. Something did happen. Something so important to him that it could change both their lives. He looked over to the DJ booth and nodded to the DJ as if he had already planned something out for this occasion. She looked confused and stunned at what was happening. But as she stood there confused in her blue jeans and green top, a song started playing. It was the perfect song for what he wanted to tell her, for what he wanted her to know, for what he has been waiting for what it seemed like a lifetime to him to tell her. *The perfect words never crossed my mind cuz there was nothing in there but you* It was a song by Snow Patrol called Signal Fire.

And as he looked into her eyes as if staring right through her soul. People started slowing down to watch what was happening. The audience knew what his intentions were without a hint of doubt. Ignoring the eyes of the passerby's, he said "Something did happen. Something that changed my life. Something that destroyed me, the old me and created someone new. And that something is you. You are my signal fire". She knew where this was going but she couldn't say anything about it. She had mixed feelings the moment the song started playing, but those feelings were all slowly diminishing and in the end, love was the only one that was left standing. He asked her a question that was going to change their lives for the better "Do you love me?". She chocked up and her glassy eyes started tearing. "Ever since I met you", she said while squeezing his hands. He smiled at her and kissed her on the forehead another time and wiped off her tears then said while looking deeply in her eyes with honesty "These eyes have never seen such beauty in all its years. These hands has never been touched with so much love ever. This heart has never fell in love with another so deeply. This soul has never been brighter. Adrienne, through thick and thin, I want to be by your side. Through all odds, I want to be the one who you turn to. I want to be someone you can share anything with. I want to be a part of your life and all that you do. I need to. I want to be more than friends with you Adrienne. There is nothing more in life I have ever wanted. So will you give me that honour?". She planted her head onto his chest and cried. Tears of sadness weren't present that day. Tears of love were the ones streaming down her cheeks. And as she hugged him ever so tightly in the middle of that ice skating rink she said "With all my heart, yes".

A love story

"Another day" he said with words filled with hatred. As he rolled around his bed wondering if there was more to life than just this. Is this all that life had to offer him? Johnny wondered.

Minutes passed and he checked the time and it was 17 minutes passed 12 in the afternoon. He then decided to get up and turn on his laptop in hope of accidentally stumbling on something worth taking a second look. It took a while for his laptop that was filled with movies to be turned on and fully loaded but as soon as it did, he turned his iTunes on and clicked the "Shuffle" button. Love is only a feeling by The Darkness played and a question popped. "Is love only a feeling?" He thought out loud.

The question played in his mind like a little kid obsessed with playing its new toy. "Forget about it. This stupid question is clogging up my mind" Again, talking to himself. Suddenly, he heard a song playing, it was Adrienne by The Calling. "Oh I got a message" He looked at it and it was his best friend James. "Dude, I need you to follow me somewhere tomorrow can?", the message said. He thought, "I have nothing else to do anyway so might as well go out and see what the world has to offer".

Wondering where his friend of 8 years wanted to bring him to kept him busy for the rest of the day. "Weird" he thought. But he trusted his friend. They've been through so much together that he knew where ever he wanted to bring him will probably make him feel better.

The next day

As they walked to catch a bus ride to where they were going, "Where are we going dude?", he asked with confusion. "Gonna go see my girlfriend man. At her school", his best friend said steadily. "What the fuck for? I thought you wanted to bring me somewhere that I would have some fun or maybe some chicks to look at?!", the confused teenager now turned to anger. His best friend looked at him with shocked eyes and said "Chill dude. It'll be fun". He gave a big sigh as he nodded in agreement to his egg faced friend.

"Bang! Stop sini!" said his excited friend. The bus stopped with screeching tires and black smoke coming out of the exhaust. From there it was only a 5 minute walk to where they were headed. The sound of engines and exhaust pipes were making it hard for the two best friends to talk. Congested that particular area was. Cars zooming past them made it even harder to concentrate on whatever they were talking about but they eventually made it to the school. "The last time I was here was when I was in kindergarten man", he said while thinking of the past. "Bang saya nak jumpa adik saya sekejap dekat kantin boleh?", the egg faced friend asked the guard.

As they made their way to the canteen area to wait for the girlfriend of his best friend, memories of the past when he walked down the same walkway flashed through his thoughts. "Let's sit here dude", said the anxious boyfriend. "Dude this school got damn a lot of chicks man. Now I know why you wanted to bring me here". They both laughed in agreement.

His girlfriend eventually came to the table and sat with them after a few minutes of them waiting. They talked, laughed, joked around about anything and everything. In the midst of the conversation, time suddenly stood still. It was as if an angel literally appeared in front of Johnny's eyes. Indeed, an angel she was. Her smile took his attention within a heartbeat, slowing everything down. She had the most amazing smile. The smile of an angel. With his eyes and ever so slow heartbeat captivated and locked to that ever so angelic smile he asked, "Who is that?"