26 October, 2009

A revelation

I play ice hockey as you all know. We were making new jerseys for the team so the team captain was asking what jersey number we would want. So as I remember, I asked for the number 08. As far as I remember. I know I wanted that number cuz I asked what is Shelly's favourite number and she said number 8. So I knew I wanted and gave the team captain that number.


I just found out TODAY, during hockey that my number is 80.


I JUST found out today. Can you believe that. I don't know how the number got to 80.

I found out when my teammate scored a goal and I assisted. So the referee was calling out the numbers of the goal scorer and the person that assisted him. So the referee called out my teammates number and for my number, he said "Assisted by number 80". So I was wondering who the hell is this number 80 guy that stole my assist. I was like, whatever la.


Another of my teammate scored another goal and I assisted.


The referee called out my number "Assisted by number 80".

So I was pissed cuz I was wondering who the hell is this number 80 guy. My other teammates don't have that number!


The revelation happened. I got called out for a hooking penalty for 2 minutes. As I sat down waiting for time to pass and singing "Staring at the carnage, praying that the sun would never rise. Living another day with disguise" (Avenged Sevenfold - M.I.A) one of the helpers that was writing down the penalty and the jersey number of the person that committed the penalty came to me and asked to see the back of my jersey for my number. She said "Number 80". I was like. FUCK! I asked her "Are you serious my number is 80??? I thought it was 08!" Then she said "Yeah it says number 80"

I was punked by myself.


So I was this number 80 fucker!

After the penalty was over I still couldn't believe it so I went around asking my teammates what was my number.

They all said.




What a revelation after 2 months of having the jersey.

Only now I find out.


25 October, 2009

What I do

All I do nowadays is, go out and play games, practice playing bass, yam cha, go jamming, do assignments, have hockey twice a week, stay at home, online on my laptop that's basically all I do. Sounds like I have no life right?

Wtf man.

But actually I do! I'd rather go out and see new things everyday then stay at home and see my laptop for the whole day. By going out I get new experiences. This is what the internet does to us, it cuts us off from the outside world. People ask me, why do you go out every night? I ask them, why do you stay home every night? They say, at least at home I can online. I say, what do you get from doing that every night?

Man lived thousands of years without even the knowledge of electricity and if you look back at history, the people that made a difference in the world had no internet. Let's not talk about Bill Gates and all those kind of people. But people who really made history. They didn't have internet. Not even the knowledge of electricity. So by going out, you get more experience. You see, feel, smell, touch and hear. All the 5 senses are in use. From staying at home and staring at the laptop, only your sight and hearing is aroused.

BUT! People that go clubbing and drinking, they really have no lives. Waste money, waste time, can't hear what you're friends are saying, have to shout and it's stuffy. I'd rather go to a bar or pub so I can sit and chill with my friends.

So again, just because I go out every night, everyday, doesn't mean I have no life. People that stay at home staring at their laptops are people with no life.

Get connected with the outside world.

The world that was made for us.

Not the world we made.

22 October, 2009

Seize the day


  • Woke up at 9 am to go to Ridzuan for group assignment
  • Reached Ridzuan at 10 am
  • Had breakfast there
  • Started of my Public Relations assignment at 11 am
  • Stopped at 12 pm to go to Sri KL with Wai Yik to celebrate Kellie's birthday
  • Got back at Ridzuan to continue assignment at 2 pm
  • Stopped at 7.30 pm to go to Medan to meet up with Clare, Zac and Al for dinner
  • Got home at 12 am
  • Did Public Relations assignment starting from 12.30 am all the way to 8.00 am and sent it online just in time
  • Took a NAP from 8.30 am to 11 am
  • Woke up and got ready to go to college to send the hard copy of my assignment to the lecturer which deadline is at 12 pm
  • Picked Wai Yik up on the way to college
  • Reached college at 12 pm
  • Remembered had to print out feedback page and had to wait for other people to use the college computer to print their stuff first
  • Handed in assignment at 12.30 pm (late)
  • Went to Sri KL again at 12.50 pm with Wai Yik cuz he wanted to give Kellie something and I wanted to see Shelly
  • Forgot to bring out loan agreement form I was supposed to hand in to college for confirmation so had to go back home before I could go to Ridzuan
  • Reached home at 1.45 pm, took loan agreement and sent Wai Yik to Pyramid to meet up with Clare and Zac
  • Reached college at 1.55 pm and went to hand in loan agreement but person in charge said there are a few mistakes so I had to redo it again
  • Left college and reached Ridzuan at 2.15 pm
  • Did ANOTHER assignment which was due on Thursday from then till 8 pm (This time a video whereby I was the main actor)
  • Finished the Communications: Rhetoric and Reasoning assignment then went back home to shower and change at 8.15 pm
  • Had to go straight back out to meet up with college classmates + Zac for dinner and Dota + Counter-Strike + L4D at Medan
  • Reached Medan at 8.40 pm and had dinner
  • Started playing games at 9.40 pm
  • Won Dota and Counter-Strike but lost L4D
  • Ended playing games at 2 am
  • Reached home at 2.10 am
This is by far the busiest and most stressing week of my degree life. Not even the events we organized during foundation is this bad.

An old injury came back. My lower spine now hurts like a bitch. Feels like there is a nail scrapping my spine. Hopefully I don't have to go for surgery.

But through all that, through all the pain, through all the headaches, through all the worrying, through all the stressing,
the only person I could think about was you.

16 October, 2009


Be happy dear

Whatever happens

Be happy for me

Keep smiling


15 October, 2009

Just in time?

What the fuck. At 4.00 am on Tuesday morning it was raining heavily and I couldn't sleep and at that time already I could feel myself getting sick. Woke up and got fucked up with a sore throat and a blocked nose. At 4.00 pm the same day, I got the fever. What the fuck man.

14 October, 2009

Thank You Yamaha

I finally got my bass guitar!

It's a Yamaha RBX170.

It's a mid-ranged bass guitar just right for people who has just started.

It was on promotion so I had to get it and it was the last day of promotion from Yamaha that was held in Pyramid.

Since it was a promotion, I got a bass amplifier with my bass guitar.

It's a Laney RB1 15 watt bass amplifier.

A bass guitar + guitar bag + amplifier + goodie bag

Bass guitar = RM600 - RM 1000?

Amplifier = RM 400 - RM 600?

Guitar Bag = RM 50 - RM 100?

Since it was on promotion, guess how much it all costs.


07 October, 2009

The mark


If you're reading this right now

I want you to know that I miss you

Very much


03 October, 2009

2.40 am filled with music and cigarettes

I'll hold you my dear,
Chasing away all your fears,
Even if my body is six feet under,
You don't have to ponder,
I'll be there.

Let me see you smile,
For the last time I'll be gone,
Show me your cheek malfunction,
Let me rest in peace,
Peace with myself.

Don't you worry my darling dear,
As I walk to the valley of the shadow of death,
I'll take a look at my life and realize,
You were my princess,
A princess in disguise,
Glittering with a personality,
Personality of an angel.

I wish our eyes could meet once again,
"Shh" I'll whisper,
Don't say a word,
Let me listen to the beating of your heart,
It says more than words.

Just look into my eyes,
Your eyes speak into mine,
For I will then know,
What you want to say.

But wishes are wishes,
Dreams are dreams,
No prayer of mine could bring time back,
No money could ever buy time lost,
No one could ever replace you.

For the most imperfect reasons,
For all the rules broken,
I still can never forget you,
Your song still plays in my mind.

And it says,

"Two to one, static to the sound of you and I undone for the last time. There this was, hiding at the bottom of your swimming pool some September. Don't you wish that I could stay? Your lips give you away"