22 October, 2009

Seize the day


  • Woke up at 9 am to go to Ridzuan for group assignment
  • Reached Ridzuan at 10 am
  • Had breakfast there
  • Started of my Public Relations assignment at 11 am
  • Stopped at 12 pm to go to Sri KL with Wai Yik to celebrate Kellie's birthday
  • Got back at Ridzuan to continue assignment at 2 pm
  • Stopped at 7.30 pm to go to Medan to meet up with Clare, Zac and Al for dinner
  • Got home at 12 am
  • Did Public Relations assignment starting from 12.30 am all the way to 8.00 am and sent it online just in time
  • Took a NAP from 8.30 am to 11 am
  • Woke up and got ready to go to college to send the hard copy of my assignment to the lecturer which deadline is at 12 pm
  • Picked Wai Yik up on the way to college
  • Reached college at 12 pm
  • Remembered had to print out feedback page and had to wait for other people to use the college computer to print their stuff first
  • Handed in assignment at 12.30 pm (late)
  • Went to Sri KL again at 12.50 pm with Wai Yik cuz he wanted to give Kellie something and I wanted to see Shelly
  • Forgot to bring out loan agreement form I was supposed to hand in to college for confirmation so had to go back home before I could go to Ridzuan
  • Reached home at 1.45 pm, took loan agreement and sent Wai Yik to Pyramid to meet up with Clare and Zac
  • Reached college at 1.55 pm and went to hand in loan agreement but person in charge said there are a few mistakes so I had to redo it again
  • Left college and reached Ridzuan at 2.15 pm
  • Did ANOTHER assignment which was due on Thursday from then till 8 pm (This time a video whereby I was the main actor)
  • Finished the Communications: Rhetoric and Reasoning assignment then went back home to shower and change at 8.15 pm
  • Had to go straight back out to meet up with college classmates + Zac for dinner and Dota + Counter-Strike + L4D at Medan
  • Reached Medan at 8.40 pm and had dinner
  • Started playing games at 9.40 pm
  • Won Dota and Counter-Strike but lost L4D
  • Ended playing games at 2 am
  • Reached home at 2.10 am
This is by far the busiest and most stressing week of my degree life. Not even the events we organized during foundation is this bad.

An old injury came back. My lower spine now hurts like a bitch. Feels like there is a nail scrapping my spine. Hopefully I don't have to go for surgery.

But through all that, through all the pain, through all the headaches, through all the worrying, through all the stressing,
the only person I could think about was you.