03 October, 2009

2.40 am filled with music and cigarettes

I'll hold you my dear,
Chasing away all your fears,
Even if my body is six feet under,
You don't have to ponder,
I'll be there.

Let me see you smile,
For the last time I'll be gone,
Show me your cheek malfunction,
Let me rest in peace,
Peace with myself.

Don't you worry my darling dear,
As I walk to the valley of the shadow of death,
I'll take a look at my life and realize,
You were my princess,
A princess in disguise,
Glittering with a personality,
Personality of an angel.

I wish our eyes could meet once again,
"Shh" I'll whisper,
Don't say a word,
Let me listen to the beating of your heart,
It says more than words.

Just look into my eyes,
Your eyes speak into mine,
For I will then know,
What you want to say.

But wishes are wishes,
Dreams are dreams,
No prayer of mine could bring time back,
No money could ever buy time lost,
No one could ever replace you.

For the most imperfect reasons,
For all the rules broken,
I still can never forget you,
Your song still plays in my mind.

And it says,

"Two to one, static to the sound of you and I undone for the last time. There this was, hiding at the bottom of your swimming pool some September. Don't you wish that I could stay? Your lips give you away"