23 May, 2010

This I promise

I'll never have my children go through what I had to go through.

And I'll never stop loving my parents.

I'll never give up.

07 May, 2010

12th of May

Guys! If there is anyone reading this out there, I hope you pay extra attention.

There is this place called Artista is Tropicana Mall where they get bands or singers to come in and perform 5 songs every Wednesday. Some sort of competition will be going on between bands and singers and the winner (decided by vote) will be paid to perform there for a month!

So Zac got us a spot there next Wednesday night! Fucking awesome shit man. I heard it's always packed and the performers there are extremely good. Better than us I'm guessing. But who cares??? We're gonna go in and have fun.

So I hope whoever reads this please please please come and support us and vote for us! =D

You won't get bored there, trust me.