25 September, 2010

Italian eyes

Wind chimes whisper on ears invisible,

Chitter chatter of the raindrops on green,
Burring roars of mechanisms disrupts,
Swinging givers of life calms,
Melody plays on a runaway train,
Words aboard the express of the unseen,
Slow thump of a cage grows hard and slow,
Letters pressed on technology appears,
What logic seems forsaken.

It's raining

Ever so constant the patting of the rain,

Flowing following the surface it hits,
How different it can be from the person across the street,
I laugh,
You smile,
She tears,
He cries,
Hidden beneath the teardrops of heaven.

Listen to the patting of the rain,
What do you feel my friend across the street?
Eyes closed heart opened wide,
What does the teardrop of heaven tell you?
Sense it feel it,
See no eyes would see,
Feel no fingers would feel,
How do you feel?

Fucking random poem...

For these extensions of thine numb is felt,

Winters night breeze sees no warmth in touch,
Reaches to thy oh frozen thee beat,
Gallops fast to slow it creaks,
Carved thee breath on a still wind,
For thou dim light pulls through,
Screws tight of flesh,
Bolts deep of nerves,
Muscle these four corners through,
Weeping to thee of insides of fear,
Motion paused of shiver blowing skin to halt,
Oh eyes do shine for thee,
Oh still beat do beat for heat,
Sentences drums want hear,
Invisible pump do show.

24 September, 2010


Time oh time. It just goes and never comes back. Time oh time. This time, I wish you run.

22 September, 2010

It is true

It is true that sometimes we have to go through all the shit to suddenly stumble upon the flower.

It is true when they say you have to kiss many to find one.

It is true when they say you have to stop searching to be found.

It is true when they say you have to be a complete asshole when you were younger to realize how truly fucking amazing life and love really is.

It is true when they say you have to fuck around in love to really love someone.

It is true that you have to fight for everything you thought were right to find out that you were wrong and finally find the right.

It is true that you have to find someone who has done almost, exactly or even more shit than you have to come to realize that hey, it's time to do something about yourself.

It is true that you have to stop saving in order to be saved.

It is true that you have a second chance in life to do what's right.

It is true.