25 October, 2009

What I do

All I do nowadays is, go out and play games, practice playing bass, yam cha, go jamming, do assignments, have hockey twice a week, stay at home, online on my laptop that's basically all I do. Sounds like I have no life right?

Wtf man.

But actually I do! I'd rather go out and see new things everyday then stay at home and see my laptop for the whole day. By going out I get new experiences. This is what the internet does to us, it cuts us off from the outside world. People ask me, why do you go out every night? I ask them, why do you stay home every night? They say, at least at home I can online. I say, what do you get from doing that every night?

Man lived thousands of years without even the knowledge of electricity and if you look back at history, the people that made a difference in the world had no internet. Let's not talk about Bill Gates and all those kind of people. But people who really made history. They didn't have internet. Not even the knowledge of electricity. So by going out, you get more experience. You see, feel, smell, touch and hear. All the 5 senses are in use. From staying at home and staring at the laptop, only your sight and hearing is aroused.

BUT! People that go clubbing and drinking, they really have no lives. Waste money, waste time, can't hear what you're friends are saying, have to shout and it's stuffy. I'd rather go to a bar or pub so I can sit and chill with my friends.

So again, just because I go out every night, everyday, doesn't mean I have no life. People that stay at home staring at their laptops are people with no life.

Get connected with the outside world.

The world that was made for us.

Not the world we made.


NanaKing.BananaBoatMan said...

I know am commenting late..tats cus finally Ive started blogging again!!..regarding ur post..........WE STILL DO IT N IT ROX