08 January, 2010

A love story part 3

*Clapping and shouting* Wishes of congratulations could be heard from all around the room. A year it has been since that day at the ice skating rink. Johnny's brothers and close friends were there with him and Adrienne congratulating them on their first year anniversary. Though it wasn't a shock to them that the couple lasted this long but it was all in tune for the occasion. Matt, Johnny's brother came over to him and said, "Dude, you hit the jackpot this time. She is an amazing girl. The kind you always wanted. Someone who could hang with us and our girls". All Johnny could do was smile. There was no real answer to how happy he was with her. There were no words to express his love for her. Her imperfections made her perfect. Perfect for him.

One year of getting to know her seemed like a lifetime. A year filled with happiness just passed by like a runaway train never coming back. They knew everything about each other. She even respected the fact that he smoked, drank alcohol and had tattoos all over. But she saw what was inside of him. What lies beneath all the alcohol, nicotine and body art. She saw him. That was the kind of person he was looking for all these years. Someone who respected him and his ways and understood him and loved him for everything he is as well as for everything that he isn't.

Suddenly, a scream broke out of the noise of chattering. "WOOOOWWWW!!!". It was Syn, Johnny's lead guitarist of his band called InkCorporated that shouted at the sight of a cockroach running up his feet. Everyone laughed at him hysterically. While they were busy laughing, Johnny grabbed the hand of his beloved and pulled her to the balcony. He kissed her on the lips. Not too much and not too little pressure, just nice. She knew something was up. "We're going on a trip", stated Johnny. Shocked and surprised, Adrienne looked at him and said, "Who? Us?". Hugging her even closer, he then replied, "All of us and that includes you. We're going on our first trip together and it's on an island!". She always wanted to go to an island. They could lie down on the sand and watch the bright night sky filled with nothing but stars and their lights shining down on them. She couldn't believe it. "But my parents and my work...", before she could finish her sentence, he interrupted her, "It's all taken care of. I called your parents and manager a week ago. They gave us the green light". Stunned and in disbelief, she planted a kiss on his lips and said "I love you".

Johnny's friends had their face planted onto the glass window trying to catch a glimpse of what was happening. They were all nosy people but before they knew it, their girlfriends were pulling their ears and telling them to leave the couple to their business. Sad.

"Guys, remember we have band practice tomorrow night at 7pm to 9pm for our first debut at the MTV World Stage next month. Afiq's band, Stonebay will be there at the event as well", said Matt, the lead singer of the band. The band had already been doing quite well with their single "Now I'm here" in Malaysia but it was time to hit a bigger market, international. It was their dream to play in a band and make it worldwide, all six of them. Johnny played the bass while his best friend, James was on drums. Mel played rhythm and shredding his solos on his guitar every live performance was Syn. Matt, Johnny's brother by six years captivated everyone with his voice but they couldn't have done it and made it this far without Rev, their songwriter and band manager.

A month later

MTV World Stage passed with the band signing a five year contract with a big record company that was willing to pay them millions. Indeed, it was a dream come true for them. With that crossed out on their calendar, it was the time that they've all been waiting for. Their holiday trip to an island. What could beat that? Sun, sand and sea with amazing people and for Johnny, it was sort of a getaway from the hectic lifestyle and busy schedule. Where they were going, it was only going to be Johnny and Adrienne. Nothing else.

As they embarked on their voyage to the island, Matt came up to Johnny and said that he had something he wanted to tell him. It was probably one of their plans to sabotage someones underwear when the others were asleep. In the midst of the two brothers and their diabolical plan, Bridgette went up to Adrienne and gave her a nudge on the shoulder. "What you looking at?", asked Bridgette curiously. "Nothing, just stoning and thinking of how happy and grateful I am with Johnny. Through all the ups and downs we have had over the past year, it was all worth it", Adrienne said while smiling". Bridgette wasn't convinced that that was all she had on her mind, she asked again, "Are you sure that's all? It looks like you have something going on in your head". Adrienne looked at her and laughed. Bridgette was right, she did have something else on her mind. "I actually have a surprise planned out for him. I didn't get to do one at the party the other day so I decided to do it at the island!", said Adrienne with excitement. Bridgette was anxious and curious to know what the surprise was so she asked her, "What is it? Tell me! You have got to tell me!". Adrienne laughed at Bridgette's reaction so hard she almost fell down. Adrienne knew she had to tell her about it. If she didn't, she'll never hear the end of it. "Follow me", Adrienne said. They went to a corner where no one else could hear them and Adrienne whispered softly to Bridgette, "Well, my plan is..."