06 January, 2010

A love story

"Another day" he said with words filled with hatred. As he rolled around his bed wondering if there was more to life than just this. Is this all that life had to offer him? Johnny wondered.

Minutes passed and he checked the time and it was 17 minutes passed 12 in the afternoon. He then decided to get up and turn on his laptop in hope of accidentally stumbling on something worth taking a second look. It took a while for his laptop that was filled with movies to be turned on and fully loaded but as soon as it did, he turned his iTunes on and clicked the "Shuffle" button. Love is only a feeling by The Darkness played and a question popped. "Is love only a feeling?" He thought out loud.

The question played in his mind like a little kid obsessed with playing its new toy. "Forget about it. This stupid question is clogging up my mind" Again, talking to himself. Suddenly, he heard a song playing, it was Adrienne by The Calling. "Oh I got a message" He looked at it and it was his best friend James. "Dude, I need you to follow me somewhere tomorrow can?", the message said. He thought, "I have nothing else to do anyway so might as well go out and see what the world has to offer".

Wondering where his friend of 8 years wanted to bring him to kept him busy for the rest of the day. "Weird" he thought. But he trusted his friend. They've been through so much together that he knew where ever he wanted to bring him will probably make him feel better.

The next day

As they walked to catch a bus ride to where they were going, "Where are we going dude?", he asked with confusion. "Gonna go see my girlfriend man. At her school", his best friend said steadily. "What the fuck for? I thought you wanted to bring me somewhere that I would have some fun or maybe some chicks to look at?!", the confused teenager now turned to anger. His best friend looked at him with shocked eyes and said "Chill dude. It'll be fun". He gave a big sigh as he nodded in agreement to his egg faced friend.

"Bang! Stop sini!" said his excited friend. The bus stopped with screeching tires and black smoke coming out of the exhaust. From there it was only a 5 minute walk to where they were headed. The sound of engines and exhaust pipes were making it hard for the two best friends to talk. Congested that particular area was. Cars zooming past them made it even harder to concentrate on whatever they were talking about but they eventually made it to the school. "The last time I was here was when I was in kindergarten man", he said while thinking of the past. "Bang saya nak jumpa adik saya sekejap dekat kantin boleh?", the egg faced friend asked the guard.

As they made their way to the canteen area to wait for the girlfriend of his best friend, memories of the past when he walked down the same walkway flashed through his thoughts. "Let's sit here dude", said the anxious boyfriend. "Dude this school got damn a lot of chicks man. Now I know why you wanted to bring me here". They both laughed in agreement.

His girlfriend eventually came to the table and sat with them after a few minutes of them waiting. They talked, laughed, joked around about anything and everything. In the midst of the conversation, time suddenly stood still. It was as if an angel literally appeared in front of Johnny's eyes. Indeed, an angel she was. Her smile took his attention within a heartbeat, slowing everything down. She had the most amazing smile. The smile of an angel. With his eyes and ever so slow heartbeat captivated and locked to that ever so angelic smile he asked, "Who is that?"


NanaKing.BananaBoatMan said...

fuyooo. I remember this story! Aku igt cerita dongeng apa la ni...rupanya2 THE love story..:D..and dang!THE NAMES!..HAHAHAH! love it!

A Melody and A Lyric said...

hahahah! of course u remember the story...based on a true story with a different ending =)