28 January, 2010

Top 3 bass players on my list

Not being able to sleep nowadays have made me watch a lot of videos of bassists.

I wanna play like John "Thunderfingers" Entwistle, Victor Wooten and especially Pino Palladino. If you guys don't know who they are well, I'll give you some info on who they are.

John Entwistle is known as "Thunderfingers" by his band mates because of how fast he can play. He is also known as one of the best bassist in the world. But I like him cuz of how fast his fingers go when he plays the bass. Crazy sounds. Here is a picture of him.

Here is John Entwistle with his amazing collection of bass guitars. Also if you didn't know, he plays for the band "The Who". Heard of it?

But sadly, he died in the year of 2002 because of drugs. He took cocaine in a little amount which caused a heart attack. Sad, really.

But anyway. Next up is Victor Wooten. Now this guy is really good with his slap and pulls as well as his tapping. That is why I really look up to him cuz I've been trying to slap and pull but I can't get the technique right. This is how he looks like.

This is Victor Wooten and as you can see he is applying the tapping technique he does so well in the picture. Now, I'm guessing not many people in Malaysia know the band "Dave Matthews Band" he plays in. But listen to "Satellite". It's an awesome song. Here's a picture of the band.

This is Dave Matthews Band. I've known about them since I was in early highschool but I never knew even when I started playing bass that Victor Wooten played for them. Really amazing guy.

Next up is someone who I really really look up to. He is an all rounded person that plays Jazz, Soul, R&B, Rock, Pop, Samba, Neo-Soul, you name it, he plays it. The thing I love about him is his basslines. They are amazing. The kind of sounds he and his guitar produces are out of this world. And I just found out about him about 6 hours ago. His name in Pino Palladino. He is someone I look up to the most among the 3. Here's a picture of him.

Look familiar? Maybe. He is actually a sessionist. A sessionist is someone that is a freelancer. Someone who is not tied down to only one band. He's been in so many bands over the years. He has played with Simon & Garfunkel, Sir Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Sir Elton John, The Law, Paul Young and The Verve. He was also the first choice of bassist that "The Who" chose after John Entwistle passed away in 2002. He now plays for them. But as amazing as he may sound, he also plays for...

The John Mayer Trio. Maybe you've heard of them maybe you haven't but I'm pretty sure you have. But if you have not, please go listen to their music on youtube. They are amazing. John Mayer plays the guitar and does the vocals whereas on drums, the great Steve Jordan is on the set while doing some back-up vocals and of course my favourite bassist, Pino Palladino.

If I could be just almost as good as them. I would be somewhere. My band would.