04 March, 2010

We are only human

Here I am,
Listening to what seems like a never ending song playing in my heart.
A song that only my closest of friends understand.
A song we sing together.

For how we wished that what we dreamed of were true.
All those ridiculous dreams.
All those perfect endings.
All the love we felt in our dreams.

As our eyes open slowly,
Destroyed our dreams are.
Here we are now.

We can never run from it.
We can never hide away from the truth of life.
How hard can it be?

When all we do seems like living.
But living is only to what we seem is material.
We pass our tasks.
We smell the sweet smell of that green back paper.

Yet when we go home we feel empty.
For all this money,
Where does it go to?
What do I do with it?

We pass our unwillingly taken on tasks.
We don't do it well.
But we live.
But are we really living?

Seemingly there is a void in our souls.
An emptiness.
A hole right in the middle of our hearts.
A deep dark hole filled with nothingness.

For we search for something to fill the hole.
We search.
We look.
We scavenge.

For we know what is true.
Life is nothing.
Nothing is life.
Without that hole being filled.

We extended our arms out so far.
As far and long as we could.
Though unreachable,
We knew we'd give it our all.

We knew what we wanted.
And what we wanted knew.
But here comes the punch.
The stab.

The creator of the hole.
The aftermath of an explosion.
The blood bled with our lives.
The strike from behind.

For we could never see what is coming.
For that reason,
We are human.
And yet people don't understand that.

We're all humans.
We all need something.
We all want the same thing.
We all search.

Only some may find it.
Some may find it but lose it.
To something.
An uncontrollable force of recognition.

Whatever it may be.
Whatever it is.
We're human.
We all bleed and breathe the same air.

We all make mistakes.
We all do things we regret.
We all hurt each other with things we want to say.
We all slowly die.

For we do not live.
We are slowly dying.
What separates the minor from the major.
What separates the open and closed.

Are the ones that never give up.
The ones that think of their cup as half full,
Not empty.
The ones that accept reality but dream of making dreams a reality.

For we are all human.
We should be more afraid of the dark.
For light holds our vision.
Dark holds our unknowingly reserved potential.

The potential to do anything we want.
This is what the dark possesses.
For we are all humans.
Fear should only be to the endless possibilities we posses.

The sense of making the impossible,
Those who fear life and what it brings are not living in reality.
The reality is,

We are humans.

The reality is,

Our darkness gives us light.

The reality is,

In life, you and I should fight for what our ideals are. What we know is right. Not what is told to us by others. For one should never let someone else tell you, you can not do it. Because you can.

Because we're human