25 March, 2010

11-1 Win

No that's not the score of my hockey match tonight. It was the score my team made when I was about 15 of 16 where I scored 5 goals and assisted 3. Tonight's scores was 3-1. We won. It was a good game. But it made me think. In the duration of time during 14 years old and 17 years old. I've never lost more than 10 games. There was one time where we won 15 games or so and only drew once. I scored an average of 20 goals per season with about 15 assists at average. That's 35 points every season on average. I've seen so many fights and injuries. I have a spinal injury that happened to me when I was about 16 where I skated into someone and fell flat on my tailbone. Strangely, my tailbone protector moved out of the way so up until now, the pain comes and goes. Like tonight. A friend of mine was skating fast to the boards and tripped on someones stick and he flew head first to the boards. Resulting in a neck injury. He couldn't move his neck at all. He even said that he couldn't feel his toes. He's now in the hospital.

But all these winnings I've had, especially today's, made me ponder. I've won over 100 official games and another 100 or so unofficial games. Scored over 400 goals officially and unofficially. Have around 200 assists. Played for the national team and winning silver against Macao, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Chinese Taipei.

Though I have all these winnings.

All these glory.

All these medals.

I've never once won in the game of love.