06 January, 2010

A love story part 2

And as he stood there, eyes as sharp as a knife staring at that heaven sent person that came waltzing by in front of his eyes, he couldn't help but feel chocked and unable to breathe. It was her presence, the kind of presence where even in a crowded room filled with different types of people, she would stand out, she would shine.

"Her name's Adrienne", said Bridgette, James' girl. Adrienne, the name was like an icing to an already beautiful cake. It was a name that not many possessed in these parts of the world. "What a pretty name. Is she taken?", Johnny said without a moments pause. "Nope! Want me to introduce her to you?", answered Bridgette excitedly. Johnny turned to Bridgette and his best friend, giving the widest and cheekiest smile to them. They knew what his answer was just by looking at him. Obviously, who wouldn't turn down a chance to get to know a person that possesses a smile that could turn heads, a smile that could light up a dark room, a smile so rare.
Johnny always believed that chance should always be taken in the search of love.

After one month

"Another day. Another day of love", said Johnny. Waking up now seemed to be a joy to him. He wakes up with a smile carved onto his face everyday ever since he got to know Adrienne, whom he now calls his angel. Everything good feels even better now that she has appeared in his life. He knew he made the right choice in getting to know her that particular sunny afternoon at the canteen. It was a choice he would never regret as it was all worth it. Life now seemed to be worth it and life seemed to be colourful all of the sudden. He was lucky. Indeed, very lucky. For she not only holds a smile so beautiful but she also possesses a personality so unique that he has never known before. She was his lover. She was his best friend. Not many people find that kind of love in someone. Not many people are so lucky.

*Sound of a piano starts playing* It was his phone. He smiled and knew exactly who it was. No one else would message him at that time of the day except her, Adrienne. The message read, "Dear you awake yet?".

It was undeniable that they were in love. Yes they were. Truly, madly, deeply in love. Today was exactly a month from when he first laid eyes on her. A memorable day indeed.

They met up a couple of hours later at a shopping mall nearby. Though it seems like they have each been in that shopping mall countless times but with together, each step they take was like another new adventure for them. For the first time ever since they met, they were going ice skating together. It all seemed to be a normal day with a different approach to their day out but it wasn't just that, Johnny had something else planned.

And as they skated around the rink for almost an hour, he brought her to the middle of the rink and he looked into her eyes with seriousness. He held both of her hands firmly and she asked him "Dear, what's wrong? Did something happen?". He could only agree to her question and smile. Something did happen. Something so important to him that it could change both their lives. He looked over to the DJ booth and nodded to the DJ as if he had already planned something out for this occasion. She looked confused and stunned at what was happening. But as she stood there confused in her blue jeans and green top, a song started playing. It was the perfect song for what he wanted to tell her, for what he wanted her to know, for what he has been waiting for what it seemed like a lifetime to him to tell her. *The perfect words never crossed my mind cuz there was nothing in there but you* It was a song by Snow Patrol called Signal Fire.

And as he looked into her eyes as if staring right through her soul. People started slowing down to watch what was happening. The audience knew what his intentions were without a hint of doubt. Ignoring the eyes of the passerby's, he said "Something did happen. Something that changed my life. Something that destroyed me, the old me and created someone new. And that something is you. You are my signal fire". She knew where this was going but she couldn't say anything about it. She had mixed feelings the moment the song started playing, but those feelings were all slowly diminishing and in the end, love was the only one that was left standing. He asked her a question that was going to change their lives for the better "Do you love me?". She chocked up and her glassy eyes started tearing. "Ever since I met you", she said while squeezing his hands. He smiled at her and kissed her on the forehead another time and wiped off her tears then said while looking deeply in her eyes with honesty "These eyes have never seen such beauty in all its years. These hands has never been touched with so much love ever. This heart has never fell in love with another so deeply. This soul has never been brighter. Adrienne, through thick and thin, I want to be by your side. Through all odds, I want to be the one who you turn to. I want to be someone you can share anything with. I want to be a part of your life and all that you do. I need to. I want to be more than friends with you Adrienne. There is nothing more in life I have ever wanted. So will you give me that honour?". She planted her head onto his chest and cried. Tears of sadness weren't present that day. Tears of love were the ones streaming down her cheeks. And as she hugged him ever so tightly in the middle of that ice skating rink she said "With all my heart, yes".


NanaKing.BananaBoatMan said...

dude..I seriusly felt the emotion when I was reading this man. Am speechless man. You deserve this, this dream written here. It shouldve happened, it shouldve. But as ur fren, I am truly sad it didnt. May you find happiness soon man, cos we all know you deserve it! AND I DO TOO!..hmph!

A Melody and A Lyric said...

well...its nothing more than a dream man...i actually planned it out exactly as i have written in the story...skating rink n all...but well...the dream didn't come to realize...but its ok...don't worry man...we'll find love one way...sooner or later...u deserve it as much as i do...