24 December, 2009

Volo vos scio ut is eram verus

If I,
Am not the choice of your heart,
Maybe it's fate, destiny,
That you and I,
May never be as one.

You have to always know,
That I love you for all of my time,
You have to always believe,
That this is immortal forever,

Because I believe,
That this love in me,
Is yours and yours only,
May it be until the last of my days.

Because I believe,
That for every breath I take,
It is only you,
That I long for.

So if I,
Am not the choice of your heart,
It matters not,
Because this heart,
Chose you amongst millions others.

Though many say,
Love differs with every person,
But I'm sure,
With all of my heart,
That this one was pure.

Though many say,
It may be just words,
Another will come,
A better one.

Better depends on me,
And I believe,
You were the best I never had.

For that reason,
I'll never forget you.

I'll keep you and this feeling,
In a special place,
In my heart,
Till death takes its toll.

Choose to believe or not,
These words,
It matters not,
For only I know,
That I speak it with altruism.

And though only words,
Believe me when I say,
I am truly sorry.

For all my wrongs,
For all my doings,
For all the heartache I caused,
For everything.

I'm sorry.

I love you.