17 July, 2009

More pictures from Redang!

Ok I stole this pictures from JQ...But...Who cares???


This is our first day at the beach. From left to right is Izz, Serene, Belle, Syaz, Aaron, Amirul and me

One of our first attempts to take a picture jumping but failed

This one has very nice poses!

This was our first night at the beach and it was super cool

Aaron and I

Our second day. This was almost evening and it started to rain.

I seem to like this picture a lot

Our second day where we went to the other side of the beach to catch huge waves!

Our third day there and we were playing beach volleyball

Syaz and Belle were playing congkak and Syaz lost!

Aaron, Amirul, me and Izz chilling by the beach

The last night there! Amirul and I. I had terrible sun burns man!

On the boat on our way to the mainland. From left to right - Belle, Serene, Amirul and Aaron

Me, Izz and Syaz

Last but not least a picture of JQ and I