12 July, 2009

Miss Thaera

As requested by JQ I am gonna blog about Miss Thaera, our Media Appreciation lecturer.

Well Miss Thaera. What can I say about her? HMMM. She is the only lecturer that puts up with Aaron's flirting and she is the only lecturer that Aaron flirts with. HAHAHA. Sorry Aaron. Got you in trouble there. Oh and I have a picture of her in my phone! How cool is that man. To be honest, Miss Thaera is the only lecturer that is to me, above average in terms of looks. SO! That then makes things more interesting in class. Who wouldn't want a pretty lecturer to teach us? And the jokes she makes are really really funny. With her gynko and all. Quick question Miss Thaera if you are reading this. Do you have a daughter? Can introduce to either Aaron or Amirul. Maybe Izzuddin also. HAHAHAHA! I am so dead. Miss Thaera's class is a class I really look forward to at every start of the week. Not trying to suck up now but I'm being honest, it really is. I realize that she takes the time to check up on us and asks us if we need help in our assignments especially the documentary assignment. I shall speak for Aaron now. Aaron wishes Miss Thaera will be his lecturer in all his subjects in UNISA. HA HA HA HA! Die you Aaron DIE! =D Last but not least. Her presence will sincerely be missed. The way she teaches us is truly of a different style and she definitely pays extra attention when needed and is always there for guidance. Miss Thaera, there is nothing to be nervous about. You're an amazing lecturer and definitely on my top 3 list of most favourite lecturers of all time. So, nothing to be afraid of. I truly believe that Miss Thaera will touch each and every MALE students heart with her good looks and everyone else with her unique style of teaching. Have a great day =D

Yours truly,
Sypher Imran / Bulu