23 July, 2009

A story

Have you heard of a story?

Of a melody and a lyric?

What beautiful music they make

Every sentence made for each other

Every tune providing depth and emotion for one another

Intertwined in perfect harmony they were

Piercing each and every soul that hears them

Touching them with the melodious of melody and lyrical poetry

Only one with true love could understand the meaning of both put together

Happiness they gave and happiness they obtained

For without one another they would be just like every other

Only to be stopped and pulled apart from each other by the wrath of nature

That they call

Their maker

This is their story

Of the music created

By a melody and a lyric

That were intertwined in fate for each other

For they could create miracles

All in perfect harmony and pure destiny

But all in vain

For they were controlled

By one being that could not accept their existence together