28 July, 2009

A lonely road

Each and every step taken

Along this long and bumpy road

Shall be harsh and inhuman but sometimes warm and encouraging

For many might not know how much the soothing swift of the unseen and the eye of heaven that shines upon this road is crucial

The long and cold tears of the sky

Makes one ponder on its intent

For one should not have a heavy head


Look up

And take every drop of it as a challenge

A challenge to walk on

As these shaken legs go through countless holes and unevenness of this road

It shall be grasped with eyes wide open and faith for light

Give up you shall not

Give in never you will

To the blinding mist of darkness

With prayers and hope

You shall see the true meaning

The true meaning to why this road comes with many obstacles and trials

Being the end of this winding path

For the end shall be blissful and stigmatizing and true