10 July, 2009

Bad and good day

I am finally home at 1.05 a.m

So let me tell you what happen

After exams

Went back home and waited for Zac to get ready and leave for our casting that Clare asked us to go to together with Wai Yik and Esther

Got there around 6 something and started the casting

Finished around 7 and went for dinner

We went to Mayang Ming Tien

I had cheese baked pork rice (AWESOME)

Talked and had a lot of laughs about each other

We left the place at around 10 to fetch Esther home and get back to our own homes

Just before the NKVE toll

Zac's car started pulling a lot to the left

Then we heard a flapping sound so we went down to check if anything went wrong

Guess what



It was the front left tire that got punctured and luckily his rims weren't dented or chipped off

Started calling and flagging down other cars that was passing by to help us


Being Malaysians

No one wanted to

Until a Toyota Avanza decided to be nice and help us

*Thank god*

Ended up spending an hour just trying to flag down a car and changing the tire

In the end is was about 11.10 pm

We had to drive at about 30-50 km/h MAX!

Cuz the spare tire could only take about 80 km/h but we didn't want to take the risk so that explains the slow speed

And originally Zac's car rims are 16 inches and with much bigger tires

But the spare tire was about 13-14 inches only with some Kancil tires


His car was only 3 and a half fingers away from touching the ground and his car was one sided so Wai Yik and I had to sit in the center and the right side of the car to balance the weight

Fetched Esther home and it was about 12.15 am

Then left for a long slow drive home

Sent Wai Yik back home at 12.45 am

Then remembered mum wanted mee goreng so had to drop by a nearby mamak to buy it

Got the food and left for home

It was 12.55 am

Showered and now I'm blogging

It's already 1.17 am

But everything seemed to be worth it

Only Zac and Wai Yik knows why