17 July, 2009

Back from Pulau Redang!

Ok I'm finally back from Redang. It was awesome. The sand was so fine and the water was so clear. 4 meals a day made me fat and the blazing hot sun gave me a sunburn but who cares. Along with 9 other friends, we made this trip the best one yet.

Here are some pictures!
We just left for the island on a boat.

This is Syaz and Belle

This is Aaron the ah boy and Amirul with a weird looking face (strawberry head)

This is me on the boat! Or my friends call me uncle Imran (Inside joke)

This is our room and my room mates Aaron and Syaz but Belle is missing somewhere.

The awesome beach and you can see the water is actually light blue in colour which makes it really really clear with some boats around.

We buried Aaron in the sand and put the snorkeling tube as his dick.

It rained for a bit on the second day. The scenery was amazing. The clouds look super fake.

Amirul is trying to say that he has conquered the world or something like that.

I was posing man. Saw that or not. The sky really makes this picture look like its edited.

This is JQ aka Snow White having her breakfast

That's all for now! I'll get more pictures from the rest and post it up soon. I hope! HAHAHA

Let's go Redang again man!

This time we stay at Laguna =D