02 August, 2009


"Life wouldn't be called life if life wasn't lived to live for.
To live life is to live life with life and not living life wouldn't be life.
So why live life without life when life could be lived with life?"

"Time is against all of us
Time does not forgive
Time does not care about us"

"Be persistent
But be persistent for the right not wrong"

"Wake up everyday with a smile and hope for a new day with new challenges
Tackle those challenges and do not give up
Because giving up on those challenges only means that you have gave up on yourself, not others"

"Why dwell on the past and future?
When the past has already gone and cannot be changed and the future is not in our control as anything could happen.
Why dwell on the past and future and miss out on today?"

"If you think your problems are big
Think again and think hard"

"Aim for the moon
Even if you miss it
You'll still be among the stars"

"Never say never
For never can never happen"

"Don't think you know
Don't think you can predict
Go with the flow and see what happens"

"Look at others and envy
But do not dwell on envy"

What is love?
Don't think you know it all
You'll be shocked at what it is capable of"