10 August, 2009

The imperfections

Time is unfair.
At the moments where I am happy, you make it pass by like the wind. So fast and swift.
At moments like now, when I wish I wouldn't have to wake up and face this world.
You make it seem like its endless.
I can't even recall the happiness I felt a few weeks back.
Now that I'm alone at home most of the time.
I can't even smile.

A quote I keep thinking of.
Which is very true.
Let me tell all you people reading right now.
Cherish the time you have with your girlfriend/boyfriend.

If they say
"There are many other people in the world better than me"

You tell them
"Your imperfections perfects you. There are millions of people prettier/smarter/better person than you are. But that's not what I'm looking for. Your imperfections are what I'm looking for"

Once you realize that this.

Then you can truly say you love him/her.

One fine day I'll look back at my life right now.

And I'll cry my heart out.