26 August, 2009

Of songs and wishes

I've been trying very hard to learn how to play Anna Molly by Incubus and it doesn't seem to be working out.

The only part I can get in the intro and pre verse and 3/4 of the verse.

Maybe a little bit of the chorus as well cuz I finally figured out how the melody of the bass goes.

My god it isn't easy.

Especially for someone who does not even know all those "taugeh" notes and chords.

I can only read tabs.

Now I wish I picked up guitar lessons when I was younger.

I just recently started playing the bass guitar for about 3 months now?

Though I've improved a lot but I need a lot of time to play a certain song perfectly.

Because of this.

I finally have a to do list and a Christmas wish list:

1. Bass guitar ( Any would do )

2. New clothes ( Especially jeans )

3. New shoes ( Mine now has holes and is falling apart )

4. New sunglasses by Oakley ( The layers are coming off on the one I have now )

5. Another tattoo ( Apart from the one I'll be getting hopefully on Friday )

6. Socks ( Yes I need socks )

7. New windshield for the Myvi ( The one that's on now has a long crack )

8. New rims ( The one of the front left is a lil dented )

9. Repair electronic window on drivers side ( I wanna wind it down and smoke )

10. An amplifier for my bass guitar ( So I can play at home and make songs with Zac )

11. More money ( =D )


Aaron Tan said...

wow, reali high expectations... work hard man, u can do it!
Anna molly, anna molly, anna ha ha ha mollllyyyyyyy.....

Sypher said...

Hahaha...can play adi la...but not smooth only...get stuck in between verse n chorus n all that...