03 September, 2009

Let's see how far this goes

Zac said something very true last night and it made my think a lot about it. He said that people who are mixed race like Zac and I, doesn't matter what race but as long as you have more than one blood you will face problems. For Zac and I, throughout school life and sometimes social life, you won't know where you fit in!

These are the things Zac said

"When you lepak with the malays they will call you chinese. When you lepak with the chinese they will call you malay. When you lepak with the indians they will whack you cuz you're both and indians always fight with malays and chinese"

Fucked up man.

So I hear about this "One Malaysia" thing. Okay. Let's see what Najib can actually do about this racial thing.

So where in the world do people like Zac and I fit in? All this confusion. I know this will end for me when I am finally able to be accepted by my partners parents and more importantly her. Then ALL this confusion will end for me

Look at your neighbour, the car next to you when you're driving, the person in front and behind you when you're lining up for something.

Give it a thought.

Without them, you won't be where you are now. Just think about it. You can't survive in this world with one race. If so, God would have created just one fucking race. Why make so many?

I'll tell you why.

For us to communicate with each other and understand each other better. Through that, we can find ourselves as well.

Give it some thought.


happyPig~ said...

the quote very true, cleverly said.. guess'll you'l just have to take it with a pinch of salt, or laugh it off...

at least u know u have friends that dont judge u by ur colour, in this day and age if ppl still discriminate u because of ur race, like seriously discriminate and not as a joke, well screw them for living in 1985.

Sypher said...

That's wat i call a wife la...supporting the husband from the back! HAHAHAHA! thats y i'm very thankful to have a group of frens as amazing as u guys =) and a wife la u!

NanaKing.BananaBoatMan said...

U have people who accept u for who u r now man, n i can absolutely say it with a straight face..immm certain of it! least ur nt the brown guy in the gang!

ps-when i get my contractor to build my hamsters' mansion, THEN our house will be better than urs..oh ya i dun have hamsters..maybe i can put my son there?

Sypher said...

hahahaha...yes i'm very thankful having frens like u guys...brown boy...hahahaha...

EH! no way n my wife's house will ALWAYS be better!

happyPig~ said...

our dogs will eat ur non-existent hamster anytime.

Sypher said...

YES! especially my siberian husky =DDDD my wife understands me best!