25 November, 2009

Another sleepless night

It's 5.19 am right now and I'm supposed to wake up and 7.30 am to run some errands at Taipan.


I can't sleep.

I played my bass(Adrienne) twice, learned "A Little Piece of Heaven" by Avenged Sevenfold and practiced that 8 minute song 4 times. After that I cleaned Adrienne from the neck all the way to the body.

That was almost two hours ago which was around 3.15 am.


I still can't sleep.

I've listened to countless songs.

I've watched countless videos.

Tossed and turned.

Still can't sleep.

I turned off my laptop at 3.30 am.

Tried to sleep by listening to some sad song or some slow song.

Still can't sleep.

Switched it back on at 5.00 am.

And here I am.

So I'll post up some pictures of recent events and some funny pictures =D

Izzuddin's eldest brother was getting married so he invited us to his brothers wedding on Sunday at 8.00 pm. Was a typical Malay wedding WITHOUT sirap ice. Instead, they had grape juice. YUM YUM! Haha! The food was awesome. Especially the rendang and that cake thingy they gave us. Amirul and I ate it like nobody's business and he said "They must've put crack in this man. It's too good!". HAHA! But anyway, there were 10 of us at the wedding which included Aaron, Amirul, Izz, Syaz, Belle, JQ, Sean, Serene, Christine and myself. Was all good. The bride looked pretty! And I took a picture of Syaz and Belle, the only couple there in our group that night.

That's Syaz in his Kompang costume and Belle looking really good in Syaz's mum's Kebaya.

Anyway we left the wedding at 10 something =)

Next up!

Some funny pictures

Ok Amirul came up with this term that only a few of us only know the meaning to. But now anyone who reads this will know what it means =DDD

Since Amirul likes to masturbate and sleep so much, he came up with T&T which meant, Toceng & Tidur. HAHAHA. So ever since that I've been seeing lots of shops and companies having that name.

This is at Sunway Pyramid Parking Lot (B1) which is near at the ice skating rink level.
T&T Kidz Park some more. O.O

This one is at Carefour. Can you believe a salon having that name??? What kind of hair do you cut man!?

Yeah so don't worry about the guy but on the same day as the wedding, I found this at Sunway Pyramid near Giant. They were building this mini theme park or something.


Toceng & Tidur

Ok. Now who wants to see a gay picture of my very own brother Zac??? WHO WHO WHO?


K so just cover the face and the body. Look at the legs man. Seriously like kaki bapok wei!


Lucky he doesn't read my blog




NanaKing.BananaBoatMan said...

HAHAHA!..great imran, now everyone knows I masturbate..then again, guys who say they DUN masturbate are liars n trust me, ive done my references!..:D..THE CAKE WAS GOOD WEI!

Sypher said...

HAHAHAHA...that's right amirul! 99% of men masturbate...1% are liars...HAHAHAHA...the cake was awesome man...