15 March, 2009

Test Drive Carnival

I just got off the phone with my baby and put her to bed and it's 12.36 am. Have to wake up at 8 am to follow zac to his test drive carnival at Damansara so I can test drive the new Mazda RX-8. Yes people. Believe it. No money to buy it but at LEAST I can get to drive it!

Yes this is it. The new Mazda RX-8, 1.3 rotary engine. As compared to the older version of the RX-8, for sure the older one looks more of a beauty than this. But whatever it is. It's still an RX-8. Just not as nice. Either way, this RX-8 has a new rotary engine that pumps out 10 extra bhp compared to the older one, has a 6 speed automatic gearbox(don't worry there still is pedal shifters) and its more fuel efficient. As I heard, the initial torque isn't much but its 235 horses really starts pumping out at mid to higher revs but who really cares when it's redline is at 9000 rpm?! So it won't really break your neck. Maybe, just an ache? Also, I've heard that there is a new RX-9 coming out to take over the legendary turbocharged, rotary engined Mazda RX-7. Cool eh?

OH! I'll also be driving the Mazda 6 2.5! You may wonder why Mazda? Well, it's because my brother, Zac, works for Mazda that's why.

Here it is. Now this is a more practical family car. It really is a unique car to look at if taken a more closer look. Eventhough it may look like a very calm and family-like car but the 2.5 version produces 170 horses! Not as much as the RX-8 though but for a car like this? Who would have thought of it right? Now now that's not all. It has a fully leathered interior with an awesome sound system powered by BOSE. Believe me, I've sat in it. It also has a pedal shifter plus a shift-tronic gearbox!

Amazing cars aren't they? Never thought Mazda could come up with them right? Well I'll just have to wait a few more hours and then I'll tell you how it feels like.

Goodnight people